How to Make a Girl Squirt


How to Make A Woman SquirtWhen it comes to women, the more tricks you have up your sleeve the better.

One of the most important skills you should learn how to master is now to make a girl squirt; once you do so, they will be putty in your hand.

Once you have mastered this skill your woman will develop an insatiable appetite for sex with you; you will step on to a none-stop ride; the ride of your life.

Female ejaculation is both unique and normal. It is an incredibly satisfying experience for the woman; most however only ever do it when they are alone.

FACT: To squirt with their love, they need a great lover. Someone who will provide them with an experience that is intense and mind-blowing.

If you are not sure you believe me, check out The Oprah Show!

The Process of Making a Girl Squirt

So, let’s get technical and back to basics. If you hope to make a woman squirt, she must be aware of where her G-spot is, and so must you.

So, what needs to be mastered here is showing your woman how to have a G-spot climax whilst having sex with you. The vast majority have such intense orgasms when they come from their G-spot that they squirt.

So, now we have got the basics sorted, let’s move on to learn how to make your woman ejaculate when she climaxes from her G-spot, giving her a mind-blowing sexual experience every time.

First, we will take a look at the technique, and then we will follow up with an educational video. So, let’s get to it…

How Things Work

Squirting is still for many women and men somewhat mysterious. They ask what the liquid is, and where it comes from. Is it urine? How does it feel to squirt?

So, let’s get things straight here. The liquid squirted comes from the Skene glands, and is therefore not urine. The skene gland is the closest thing a woman has to a prostate.

But, there is also another liquid associated with the female orgasm that is milky and white and produced in smaller quantities; this liquid almost everyone is familiar with.

In contrast with the milky white liquid that we are all familiar with, the fluid that is ejaculated from the skene gland can actually soak the whole bed.

The make-up of the liquid is uric acid, urea, creatinine (not to be confused with creatine), and ejaculation fluid.

For a woman who has not experienced a G-spot orgasm before, she may feel, and try to control the urge, to urinate. The gushing sensation is similar to the one she feels just prior to urinating.

But, once she becomes experienced and comfortable with you as her lover, she will relax and will be more aware that she is not about to urinate in front of you.

Setting the Mood

To allow your woman to really get in the mood and to relax, you can try setting up the mood. Granted, this is not always possible, but the more relaxed she is, the more probable that she will squirt.

Tip: To set up the mood for her, try to make the experience visually enhancing. You can do this by lighting some scented candles, by dimming the lights, and by putting on some sexy background music.

The Female Body

So, let’s move on to describing the technique you will need. As this is only a short post, I won’t be able to describe all the details.

What I will do here is give you an overview of how it’s done, the video that accompanies this post allowing you to learn more and actually see how it works.

On a physical level, all women have the capability to squirt. However, each woman is different and not everyone has the same response from squirting.

Let’s take an example. Two women can have the same satisfying G-spot orgasm. However, one will only seep a little fluid; the other will gush fluid and soak the bed.

It really is important however for the women to be comfortable with you, both physically and psychologically. The more comfortable she is the more heightened experience she will have.

What you need to do is to connect with her mentally and on a deep level; this connection will ensure that she is willing and ready to squirt in front of you. If she really wants to do it, she will do it a lot more easily if she is comfortable with you.

G-Spot Techniques for Squirting

So, to start off with, you need to stimulate her with your fingers, concentrating on her clitoris; keeping the pressure light, making her quiver as you touch her with your broad finger.

Once she is excited, it’s time to aim for her G-spot. This is found within the vagina, towards the top.

When she is excited, it is easier to find the G-spot, as it engorges with blood and swells up. It becomes extra sensitive, this sensitivity providing the foundation for squirting.

So, take a finger and enter your woman, keeping the palm of your hand facing up. The inner surface of her vagina should feel hard. Now, relax your finger, and use a “come hither” motion that will touch and rub her G-spot.

If you are not sure what I mean here, imagine that you are asking her to move forward, but by using your finger only. By doing so, you will allow for vaginal fluid to seep from her body. As you practice doing this movement, you too will become more relaxed and comfortable.

Your woman… Well, she will experience a body shivering, squirting, intense orgasm.

You’ll know that you are doing things right from your woman’s body language. As you continue the movement over and over again, she will become more and more stimulated and the movement will become more intense; carry on doing just thins, and she will soon reach orgasm; an intense and squirting ejaculation will happen.

Of course, this is just the basic movement. There is more you can learn, and the more information you have, and the more skill, the more intense her orgasms will be.

So, now it’s time to watch the video. This will show you in more detail everything that we have been talking about, so go and take a look!

NOTE: This is not a pornographic video; it is intended for educational purposes and was created by Jason Julius, of Orgasm Arts, my partner.

You do need to be over 18 to watch the content, so, please do use discretion. Click the video image, or click here to be redirected to the video content.

How to Make Squirting Easy

Most people think that in order to make a woman squirt, all you need is a good fingering technique. If their woman is not squirting, then they believe that it is down to bad rubbing or massaging techniques on their side.

This is not always the case.

The most common reason that your partner is not having G-spot orgasms is that she holding herself back from doing so. You need to teach her how to release the brakes from her sex drive, relax, get really horny, and become ready to squirt.

Below are some tips that will help you unleash your partner’s sex drive:

Removing the Brakes

There are a few things that might be stopping your woman from really getting turned on, such as:

Anxiety, depression, or stress


Bad experiences with past partners

Fear of STIs or pregnancy

If your partner is experiencing any one of these issues, it’s understandable that she won’t be having the orgasms that you want her to.

She won’t be relaxed, and when she’s not relaxed, she won’t squirt. So, you need to work on letting off the brakes on the sex drive that are holding her back.

Once you are sure that she has removed the brakes and has no fears and is relaxed, there is only one possible problem that may still be preventing her from squirting.

And that is that you are yet to implement the acceleration techniques we have talked about in this article that is guaranteed to make her horny, and really ready to squirt.

Intensifying the Techniques

There are a few things that you can try if you want to get your girl really horny and in the mood for mind-blowing sex.

  • Make her feel wanted and desired
  • Being with a guy that she is attracted to and feels a connection to
  • Experiencing an electrifying sexual tension between herself and her partner
  • Good, stimulating, foreplay

Once you are sure that she is really relaxed in your company, and that she had removed the brakes, it’s time to accelerate, get her horny, and really give her the squirting ride of her life. With the right techniques, it’s really not that difficult to master at all.

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