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Male extra is a natural supplement that enhances your sexual performance by giving you a harder and bigger erection. It will also improve your performance in bed, significantly.

Male Extra is a long-term sexual performance improvement pill that you need to take on a daily basis and not a quick stimulant that you go for just before sex to enhance your performance.

According to the manufacturer, taking the pill regularly will give you harder, bigger, and long-lasting erections. You will also experience more intense orgasms as well as enhanced sexual stamina.

These are obviously very appealing benefits to all men. Male Extra is said to have helped many men to improved sexual performance for more than 9 years now. Regarding this, there are more than 150,000 satisfied users of Male Extra who are very satisfied.

We have seen many related products making the same claims on the internet. How different is Male Extra from these supplements? Could it be another scam involving male sexual enhancement supplements? Let us look at how Male Extra work.


As with most male enhancement supplements, Male Extra contains natural ingredients that increase the flow of blood to your penis. Have a look at the following description of its mode of action, according to the manufacturer.

Male Extra has powerful natural ingredients that help in increasing size, improving the hardness, and maintaining your erection by enhancing the flow of blood to your penis.

Male Extra manufacturers avoid posting such things as peer-reviewed studies, independent third-party testing, or clinical trials for the supplement. Instead, they prefer posting photos of different doctors in their entire sales page.

Although they have provided 11 studies, Male Extra formula has never gone through own clinical trials that are independent.


Male Extra contains a lot of ingredients like what is contained in other quality male enhancement supplements in the market. But in addition, it contains a lot more, very effective, ingredients.

The ingredients supposedly work by relaxing blood vessels by increasing nitric oxide levels. An increase in nitric oxide levels in circulation relaxes your blood vessels which in turn increases the volume of blood flowing via blood vessels in the body including the vessels in your penis.

Male Extra contains the following ingredients:

L Arginine HCI 600mg:

This amino acid is found in workout formulas as well as other popular male enhancement products. This acid can open up the blood vessels. This product does contain a small amount of this amino acid. The type rates are between 3,000 and 6,000 mg.

Even those that use this amino acid for bodybuilding cannot see much of an effect with 600mg. This amount does not have a big impact on any of the systems in the body. In order to get the desired results, 3 to 6 grams of this amino acid is needed.

Pomegranate 500mg

Pomegranate is an aphrodisiac. If a person drinks pomegranate juice for a 90 day period, they will improve their blood flow by 17 percent. Men have been able to get an erection after they consumed this juice.

The medical study can be found online. According to researchers that conducted tests on Male Extra this juice did not have a significant impact on a man’s ability to get an erection.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane 100mg

This is an organic form of sulfur that is used to support blood flow in the body. It is most affected when 2 to 6 grams are taken daily over two or three different doses. MSM is used to help people with arthritis and is not found in sexual health supplements.

L Methionine 100mg

This is another amino acid that can turn histidine into a hormone. The higher levels a man has in the system the easier it will be to ejaculate. This amino acid can help you improve your endurance.

Zinc 14mg

Zinc is popular in the world of male enhancement supplements. Zinc is needed to help the body make testosterone and zinc has been shown to enhance the testosterone levels in the body.

It is recommended that a person take 11mg of zinc a day. Most men get this amount in their regular diet. It is not recommended to exceed 40mg a day. The 14mg is right where it should be for this supplement.

Cordycepts 25mg

This is a Chinese aphrodisiac that has been used for several thousand years for sexual health purposes.

A study that was published in 1998 has shown that there is a link between sexual health and the benefits of Cordyceps.

This product does contain a lower dose of this amino acid than needed. The average dose ranges between 1,000 and 3,000 mg each day.

Niacin 18mg

This vitamin has been shown to help the flow of blood in the body. It has been shown to open up the blood vessels. The average adult needs between 14mg and 18mg each day. This supplement will give you the daily value that the body needs.

Some of the ingredients are found in this supplement in low doses while others are right where they should be.

Male Extra will not change your sex drive instantly. It will have some minor effects on the body like improved blood flow over time.

Do not take Male Extra only before having sex. It needs to be used on a daily basis. It may become effective after a couple of weeks and should not be used as a short-term solution.


Manufacturers of Male Extra pride to be a well-established maker of supplements after 15 years of research and development dedicated to coming up with innovative health products.

The manufacturer of Male Extra is Wolfson Berg Limited, and they have been involved in making various nutritional supplements marketed online and offline. Other popular supplements being sold by Wolfson Berg Limited include Garcinia Cambogia Extra, PhenQ, and Phen24.


Male Extra supplements are generally safe. They may have certain mild side-effects, but they are usually less serious compared to side effects from other male enhancement supplements.

I have come up with detailed potential side-effects that could arise from ingredients contained in Male Extra:

The following are side-effects that you may experience after taking Male Extra:

  •  Flushing reaction – burning and itching sensation on the skin.
  •  Digestive system problems including stomach damage.
  •  Kidney damage
  •  Headache and dizziness
  •  Blood abnormalities and gout
  •  Inflammation of the airway, allergies and asthma complications

The following section contains detailed information of some of the side-effects caused by various ingredients in Male Extra:


I have analyzed many user testimonials that I came across on the internet. One thing I learned is that many users have experienced favorable outcomes after using Male Extra.

Here is a summary of what I found:

Generally, men experience fuller and harder erections.

There was no claim of gaining a length of up to 3 inches as with most product claims.

Men reported enhanced erections and better orgasms which is attributed to increased blood flow to the penis.


According to the information I obtained, I must admit that Male Extra is one of the best supplements currently in the market if you want a complex and all-in-one supplement to increase the flow of blood to your penis.

Male Extra can also be a great option to combine with tension-based penis enlargement program- extenders and manual exercises – thereby enhancing your gain in size (girth and length).

In simple terms, we can confidently state that Male Extra can effectively be combined with other techniques to achieve permanent and quick penis enlargement outcomes.

For instance, while Male Extra pills enhance blood flow to your penis, exercise, and extenders (like SizeGenetics) provides tension and traction required to achieve faster penis enlargement.

This is what I can claim confidently regarding Male Extra:


Male Extra contains a lot of potent ingredients that cause an increase in blood flow in the penile region as well as promoting healthy changes in hormones in men. This, in turn, enhances their sexual performance significantly.


Male Extra helps men to have improved control for their ejaculations.


Male Extra present with minimal side effects hence very safe to use for the prescribed daily dosage.


Whilst age should not be a concern, Male Extra should only be used by men above 18 years of age. You can seize using them after you have achieved the expected result of girth and length with penile exercises.


It is disappointing to note that the results are highly individualized. Some men get quick results (few days) while others take a few weeks to notice any improvement.


The cost of Male Extra is a bit higher as compared to other related products in the market. You can end up paying a few hundred dollars if you are taking them for a long duration like 3 to 6 months.


The safest place to buy Male Extra pills right now is their official website. I would never recommend that you buy it from any other place due to the availability of fake products on the internet.

The other advantages of buying Male Extra from their official website include fast product delivery, discreet shipping and billing, free bonuses, and money-back guarantee among others.

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